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Ben Shapiro Ascends the Temple Mount, High on the Har

On July 24th, "High On The Har" hosted Ben Shapiro, conservative commentator and founder of the Daily Wire, for a very special tour of the Temple Mount with co-founders Rabbi Yehuda Levi and Dr. Melissa Jane Kronfeld.

Check out the full video and give "High on the Har" a big thumbs up and subscribe on YouTube to show your appreciation for their amazing initiative. "Har" means "Mountain" in Hebrew and HOTH seeks to encourage Jews to celebrate the mitzvah of ascending the Holy Temple Mount.

Shapiro stated: “I wish we could all daven [pray] openly there—that would be the freest thing to do. The only place that Israel is an apartheid state is only on Har HaBayit [the Temple Mount]. That’s the only place.”

Ben Shapiro's ascension is yet further evidence that the Temple Mount is becoming ever more central for Israel and the world in our time. His visit will inspire more Jews and Christians to ascend. Only continual Jewish presence on the Mount has enabled and opened up the access and freedom to the level that it is available today.

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