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Cry For Zion Quoted on Jpost and Drudge Report

Cry For Zion was just quoted this Passover in The Jerusalem Post. Rabbi Weisz writes, “When blood spills on Passover and Easter, it’s time to build the Temple: What is Hamas' greatest fear? That Israel will start to build the Temple. … I asked John Enarson, the Christian relations director of Cry for Zion, a Temple Mount advocacy group, what his thoughts were on the connection between Easter and the Temple, and the implications for Christians today.

“'We Christians have often thought that Resurrection Sunday spelled the end for the Holy Temple in God’s plan,' Enarson explained. 'But when we read the Gospels and Book of Acts carefully, the Apostles continued to be passionate for God’s House in Jerusalem, including Paul. As God is restoring Zion, we need to rediscover our own texts with Jewish glasses, and that includes God’s Temple'” (Jpost).

Drudge Report subsequently picked up the article. Drudge Report is one of the biggest traffic news sites on the internet. This Passover, it made instant world-wide news that Jews are peacefully visiting their holiest site in the heart of their capital and refuse to be intimidated by the abuse and violence of intolerant Islamists. Israeli law guarantees rights to pray on the Mount, but police discriminate against Jews and Christians for public safety. Within the past year, an Israeli court has rightly ruled that Jews silently praying short prayers while walking on the Mount cannot be construed as an unreasonable provocation against anyone.

This Passover, peaceful Jewish visitors were subjected to abuse and attempted violence by Islamists on the Mount. The power of prayer on Zion caused a flurry of headlines. "Mansour Abbas: No prayer on Temple Mount or Ra'am [party] will leave [Israel's government] coalition"..."Putin condemns Israeli actions on Temple Mount"..."Israel accuses Jordan of spreading 'false news' on Temple Mount" (Israel National News).

All of this, just because Jews are quietly and peacefully praying short prayers again on Zion.

May more people have their eyes opened to what God is doing today with Mount Zion.

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