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Today, Zion Was Liberated, 55 Years Ago

Today, 55 years ago, Jerusalem was reunited under Jewish sovereignty during the Six Day War. In a moment which stunned the nation, Colonel Motta Gur announced on the army wireless, "Har HaBait be-yadeinu! The Temple Mount is in our hands! I repeat, the Temple Mount is in our hands!" Defense Minister Moshe Dayan proclaimed on June 7, 1967, ”This morning, the Israel Defense Forces liberated Jerusalem. We have united Jerusalem, the divided capital of Israel. We have returned to the holiest of our holy places, never to part from it again. To our Arab neighbors we extend, also at this hour...our hand in peace.” Shortly thereafter, Dayan forced Israel's flag to be removed from the Dome of the Rock and, tragically, handed the keys of the Temple Mount to Muslim custodians, the Waqf.

"Har HaBait be-yadeinu! The Temple Mount is in our hands!"

Two millennia ago, the Romans destroyed the Holy Temple. Then they utterly destroyed Jerusalem in the Second Jewish Revolt. Then, they desolated the Land. But in 1948, the Land of Israel was restored. 50 years later, in 1967, Jerusalem was restored to Israel. Now it has been 55 years since 1967, and Zion itself, the Temple Mount, awaits restoration. All eyes are turning to Zion—the Temple Mount. In Jerusalem, you can feel it, especially today—Jerusalem Day.

Today, 25,000 marched through the Old City for the annual flag parade, down to the Western Wall plaza to dance and celebrate the miracle. A record number of 2,600 Jews visited the Temple Mount ahead of the flag march. During the Jewish ascents, Muslim rioters threw chairs, rocks, and shot fireworks toward Israeli police on the Temple Mount. They also targeted the only ramp Jews are currently permitted to ascend to the Mount.

Prime Minister Naftali Bennett stated ahead of the celebrations. "Fifty-five years ago, IDF soldiers liberated the Old City and united Jerusalem. It is an event that in one moment also united the entire nation." With the amount of attacks and opposition against Jerusalem Day, he also said, "Waving the Israeli flag in the capital of Israel is obvious and correct, so we were clear on the subject from the start." He also asked the participants to "celebrate in a responsible and dignified manner."

Listen to Cry For Zion about Jerusalem Day on Jonathan Feldstein's Show

John Enarson with Cry Zion Zion talked with Orthodox Jew Jonathan Feldstein on Charisma Podcast Network. They discuss the fiery Jerusalem Day last year and this year's Celebration. They dive into the big ideological battles and relationships between Judaism, Christianity, and Islam on the Temple Mount.

Rabbi Glick's Powerful Article in Jerusalem Post

"The status quo is not acceptable," writes Rabbi Glick. "Fifty-five years is too long.

"The status quo is not acceptable," writes Rabbi Glick. "Fifty-five years is too long. The Temple Mount is our responsibility. Why shouldn't all nations have freedom to pray on the Mount in peace? We must continue to advocate so we can restore the sounds of holiness once more to our holy Temple Mount."

Twice now, Israeli courts have ruled that simply praying the Shema (Deuteronomy 6:4-9) and bowing should be permitted on the Temple Mount. It cannot possibly be misconstrued as a provocation toward anyone. But the ruling which freed young Jewish boys who had committed the simple act, made the King of Jordan and Palestinian Arab leader Mahmoud Abbas, blow a gasket. It destroys the "holy status quo," they claim.

Saying a prayer and bowing doesn't endanger anyone. Glick point out that these same leaders were strangely quiet when hundreds of Muslims barricaded themselves in Al Aqsa Mosque, "causing severe damage, throwing thousands of stones, launching fireworks, and violently rioting for many hours." How can King Abdullah and Abbas condemn peaceful prayer but not say a word against this violence? "Please understand," writes Glick, "It's not about territory and it's not about politics. It's simply about destroying the 3000-year old holiness that permeates the entire Temple Mount."

Former MK Glick says it's high time to change the music on the Temple Mount, from hate and violence, to praises and prayer.

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